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Reems Audiology Clinic and Signia best sound centre Kannur provide professional services to support people with hearing loss or communication difficulties.

Hearing Test in Kannur

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We provide state-of-the-art hearing screenings and hearing instruments, including assistive listening devices. Our team of Audiologists are experts in identifying, diagnosing, treating, and monitoring hearing disorders of all types.

We specialize in developing customized treatment options that are best suited to our patients individual hearing needs and lifestyles. Our goal is to optimize your hearing and make listening effortless.

What does a hearing test involve and is it painful?

Hearing tests are relatively simple to complete, and are completely pain-free. A standard hearing test consists of three main parts, which include a verbal evaluation followed by an otoscopy, and a hearing test completed inside of a soundproof booth.


At Reems audiology clinic and Signia best sound centre Kannur sophisticated digital Interacoustics and Alps audiometer is used to measure the degree of hearing loss at different frequencies and the site of lesion of hearing impairment. All procedures are done in a state of art sound proof room built according to international standards.


Free field procedures help to detect hearing loss in small children and in assessing the benefits of hearing aids. Special test procedures like play audiometry and conditioned audiometry will be performed by a qualified and experienced audiologist.


Hearing is very important for a baby to listen, to learn and to develop normal speech and language. A simple, painless, and reliable test procedure called OtoAcoustic Emission (OAE) and Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR), which takes just 5-10 minutes,which is done at birth to rule out hearing loss.

Other Hearing Test


Tympanogram, acoustic stapedial muscle reflex and eustachian tube function test is performed to rule out any middle ear abnormality. High frequency tympanogram is done for small babies to detect any middle ear dysfunction which is normally missed out in a normal tympanogram. Reems Audiology Clinic and Signia best sound centre Kannurr uses Interacoustics Impedance meter for all assessment.


A simple test to assess the normal functioning of Outer Hair Cells of cochlea and as a screening device for hearing loss. Here, a soft tipped earpiece is placed in the ear which sends clicking sounds into the ear. The hair cells within the cochlea (inner ear) produce sound (like an ECHO) in response to this stimulus, which is picked up by the microphone in the earpiece and decoded.


AUDITORY BRAINSTEM EVOKED RESPONSE AUDIOMETRY (ABR) is a simple and painless way of measuring the hearing level and is also used for neuro- diagnostic purpose. Here sound signal is given through earphone and response is measured by placing soft electrodes near to the ear. This procedure is done while the patient is sleeping and takes approx 45 minutes to complete and can be done at any time after 48hrs of birth.


A recent innovation, helps to get frequency specific information of hearing loss. Procedure is similar to ABR and is very helpful in understanding the pattern and severity of hearing loss and in hearing aid fitting in small children

Why Reems Audiology?

Reems Audiology Clinic and Siemens Hearing Care, an approved partner of Siemens India now known as Sivantos, is the first exclusive SIEMENS SIGNIA Hearing Aid center in Kannur established in the year 2010. It is the only Signia best sound centre in Kannur City.

Our Audiologists are dedicated to provide world class customer care to Siemens Signia hearing instrument users. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of patient care of international standards to the people we serve with qualified and certified Audiologist using state of art medical technology.

Hearing Test in Reems Audiology

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Frequently asked questions

Most routine annual physical exams do not involve hearing tests, so your primary health care provider is unlikely to have the necessary equipment. Because audiologists are medical professionals and they can provide testing, diagnosis, treatment and counseling.
Many people want to know if there’s anything that they can do to get ready for their hearing test. You don’t have to do much, as your hearing care provider is going to do most of the work. However, before you have your hearing and ears examined, the hearing specialist will want to speak to you.

This is a time when you can make sure they have any necessary information that can help them inform their medical decisions and advice. So, to prepare for your test, it’s useful if you write down any important points about your medical history or your family medical history.
The idea of your hearing test causing pain can be frightening, but there’s no need to be concerned. Hearing tests shouldn’t hurt you, and they use noninvasive methods to test your hearing. The hearing health provider will examine your ear physically using an instrument called an otoscope. You have likely seen these or had one used on you before. They will also perform a tympanometry test using a tympanometer in your ear, which tests how well your middle and inner ear is working. You will also wear headphones to listen to a series of tones at different pitches and volumes.

You will want to set aside about an hour for this appointment. The tests may take about a half-hour or so and then your audiologist will show you the audiogram and discuss the results.

The audiologist may show you several styles of hearing aids that will work to help with your hearing loss.

When you look at the results of your test with your hearing professional, you will be shown an audiogram. This is a graph that charts the softest sounds you can hear at different pitches and frequencies. The hearing care provider will explain what the graph means and whether it shows that you have any hearing loss. You might also get a percentage that shows your levels of speech recognition.

If you do have any hearing loss, you can discuss what comes next and whether you might need hearing aids. Remember that you can always ask our hearing specialist any questions that you have, and we will be happy to answer.

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